Campus Integrated Video Industry
Campus Integrated Video Surveillance Solution
[program background]
The current social security environment has become increasingly complex, and the requirements for modern teaching management have been further enhanced, and school and society activities have become more frequent. The traditional teaching era of "the ears never seen anything outside the window and one reads only the Sages" is far from meeting the teaching needs of modern schools. More and more social activities have also affected the calm life of teachers and students, bringing with it a variety of safety hazards and vicious events such as complicated personnel access, burglary on campus, violent robbery, fighting and fighting, etc. Learning life brings anxiety and fear. Strengthening the management of campus security and improving the modern management of schools has been put on an important agenda. “Safe campuses” and “digital campuses” have gradually become a trend.
In order to protect a normal learning and living environment, major campuses are actively implementing the campus security system. However, in the process of specific use, all campus security raises a question: how to integrate video surveillance systems, burglar alarms, access control, and security inspections. More system, through a system control platform for integrated control, linkage, etc., to speed up the police speed, the first time to check the police, video review, and other work that would otherwise require manual call, turned to the processing of settings through the plan to operate more intelligent It is quick and accurate to improve school management and teaching efficiency. At the same time, with the rapid development of network and audio and video technologies and the expansion of system functions and uses, ordinary campus monitoring systems no longer meet daily needs. The comprehensive system composed of comprehensive video monitoring system and digital teaching system, through technology integration and application of complementary technologies, is not only conducive to the prevention and timely handling of hidden dangers in the campus, but also conducive to the implementation of educational administration and examination management to meet the existing needs of the school. Applications such as distance learning, multimedia teaching, and electronic invigilation lay a solid foundation for hardware and platforms. In some schools, successful application systems are playing a huge role.
First, the status quo of campus security
Today, colleges and universities generally have the following characteristics: large area, scattered buildings, large numbers of people, fewer management personnel, many schools with branch schools, and another one is that many school buildings are in disrepair, coupled with poor self-protection consciousness of students, there are great potential safety hazards. . In recent years, the state clearly stipulates that the key areas of colleges and universities must take corresponding technical preventive measures, and some regions also put forward clear requirements for monitoring coverage. Moreover, with the continuous increase in the number of colleges and universities and the continuous increase in the size of students (see the table on the left), the difficulty of management has increased, and sudden incidents have become more frequent. The superiority of technical defense measures in improving the safety of universities has become more pronounced. According to surveys conducted by the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Public Security in 10 provinces and cities including Beijing, Tianjin, and Shanghai, approximately 16,000 students have died abnormally each year, and an average of about 40 students die each day, which is equivalent to daily deaths. The students of a class disappeared! The main reasons included food and drink hygiene, school building safety, transportation inside and outside campus, fights and fights, unlawful infringements by students and staff, and normal cultural and sports activities.
Second, demand analysis
In view of the above, strengthening the security management of the campus, maintaining the normal public security environment of the campus, improving the teaching management of the school modernization, installing the network monitoring system on the campus, strengthening the monitoring system on key locations and linking with the alarm system is an effective and feasible precaution means. Campus security monitoring system should meet the following requirements:
There are many monitoring areas: school personnel are intensive and require monitoring to every corner of the campus. Therefore, there is a need for school entrances, school passages, outdoor plazas, playgrounds, event venues, campus green spaces, parking lots, building perimeters, building corridors, halls, ceilings, elevator rooms, laboratories, classrooms, libraries, finances Room, data room, computer room, warehouse, power distribution room, boiler room, etc. all need to install surveillance cameras.
Large monitoring area: The campus area of